BLS quick

The BLS quick awareness format aims to maximise public awareness of the urgency
of circulatory arrest, readiness to alert and telephone-guided hands-only CPR and
AED use.


The participants:

  • recognise a circulatory arrest
  • understand that people in circulatory arrest die within minutes without help
  • alert correctly
  • carry out cardiac massage (if necessary under telephone guidance)
  • use AEDs (if necessary under telephone guidance)
  • Motivation to participate in further courses


BLS-quick can be used as a stand-alone video, as part of larger campaigns, or in course-like settings with the following content:

  • Recognition of cardiovascular arrest
  • National emergency numbers
  • Cardiac massage (Hands only CPR)
  • Defibrillation by means of AED (incl. support by dispatchers)
  • Knowledge of the nearest equipment locations

Didactics and material

The minimum intervention is a video provided by the SRC. This can be supplemented with further information and ideally with simple hands-on training. In principle, however, all interventions that serve to raise awareness in this sense are indicated if they are below the threshold of BLS-AED compact or complete courses. Large group settings are also possible, as the SRC does not specify a participant-instructor ratio for this format.

Conclusion and proof

Neither formal degrees nor certificates are required for these events.

BLS-AED-SRC Algorithm 2021 PDF

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