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The FRED PA-1 is the latest defibrillator from SCHILLER! It was specially developed for untrained users.

The FRED PA-1 guides the user safely and reliably step by step through the process of resuscitation in case of cardiac arrest. This makes it child's play for you to become a lifesaver. Open the lid - listen - follow the instructions!

  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic version
  • Highest user-friendliness through voice instructions and pictograms
  • 3-language function (switchable during an operation, e.g. d/fr./ital.
  • Monitoring the expiry date of the electrodes
  • Always ready for use thanks to daily or weekly self-testing
  • FreeCPR - a detailed guide to chest compressions
  • Robust (IP55)
  • 10 years warranty

Specifications SCHILLER Fred PA-1

resQshock Item no.3210343
ECG displayNo
CPR supportMetronome
Battery changeOn average every 6 years
Changing electrodesOn average every 2 years
Manufacturer's warranty10 years

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