PHILIPS HeartStart FR3

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  • philips-heartstart-fr3

The HeartStart FR3 defibrillator was developed with the aim of enabling faster, easier and more efficient life saving.

Simplest operation

The FR3 has a large sharp colour display that is easy to read even in the dark and in direct sunlight. The display shows the operating steps, heart rate, number of shocks, optional ECG and the time since the unit was switched on.


With the FR3, the electrode pads are ready to use immediately - no need to open a bag!

Optional ECG display

In the model with optional ECG display, a specialist who happens to be present can also use the FR3 helpfully for monitoring, for example in the event of a heart attack.

Interruption-free cardiac massage

Whether the victim is fat or thin, the Philips electrodes can be applied quickly without having to interrupt CPR for a long time. After the two-minute CPR phase, shock delivery is possible within 10 seconds. Ideal for resuscitation success, as all the new scientific studies show.

Specifications PHILIPS HeartStart FR3

resQshock Item no.3210286 without ECG / 3210285 with ECG display
ECG displayNo
CPR supportMetronome and on-screen display, optional Q-CPR sensor
Battery changeOn average every 3 years
Changing electrodesOn average every 2 years
Manufacturer's warranty5 years

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