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LIFEPAK CR2 Cinema Frame Image 1

Cinema Frame shocks with LIFEPAK CR2

Zurich's Frame cinema opens on September 27, 2023 with the long-running thriller "Early Birds" by...

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Switzerland needs more defibrillators

In only 26% of out-of-hospital circulatory arrests in Switzerland does an AED arrive within the necessary 5...

Switzerland resuscitates resQshock

Switzerland reanimates

World Restart a Heart Day

nohe resQshock defibrillator AED

Saving lives must be learned

Saving lives has to be learned: As Switzerland's largest private provider of recognised emergency courses,...

Eric Dier shows the club doctor how serious the situation is.

PAD defibrillator in use

A fan suffers a circulatory arrest during Newcastle United's match against Tottenham Hotspur.


Do we need a defibrillator?

Do we need a defibrillator? This is what you need to know!

Reanimation baby

Resuscitation for infants and children

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed whenever there is unconsciousness and no normal breathing....

AED Plus CPR with CPR D padz electrodes

ZOLL AED Plus electrodes in children

Never use adult electrodes or CPR-D-padz on patients under 8 years of age.

Medical Device Regulation

Medical Device Regulation

What impact does the MDR have on my defibrillator?

Defibrillator AED res Qshock Foundation First Aider 3

Defibrillators from resQshock for the city of Laufen and Liestal

Everyone can save a life - help spread this important message!

Gasping res Qshock


Misinterpreting gasping breaths as signs of life may prompt emergency witnesses to take the patient to the...

Lucy Circulatory arrest LIFEPAK CR2 resQshock

13-year-old survives circulatory arrest thanks to heroic brother

Thomas King helped his sister Lucy survive by running to get a defibrillator.

Nina Martin

When the device delivers the final electric shock, I am already unconscious

She has escaped sudden cardiac death over 25 times. The studied psychologist and author Nina Martin...


Resuscitation decisions

In principle, resuscitation measures should be initiated if resuscitation has a chance of success...

Compression ventilation ratio children

For children 15:2 or 30:2

Trained first responders are advised to use a 15:2 cycle (15 times chest compressions and 2 ventilations in...

Beat Baumgartner President First Responder in the Canton of Berne

The chances of survival in the event of cardiac arrest are steadily increasing

Very few people are lucky like Christian Eriksen and survive a cardiac arrest. In the canton of Bern...


Why does an athlete's heart suddenly stop?

Zurich cardiologists are investigating the causes of incidents like the one on Saturday. What do amateur athletes have to...

Christian Eriksen gets defibrillator

Christian Eriksen gets defibrillator implanted

Denmark's Football Association on Thursday morning reported further health developments in the...


Defibrillators can save lives

The devices with the unpronounceable name can decide over life or death.

resQshock defibrillator for companies

LIFEPAK CR2 - The Rolls-Royce among defibrillators

A brand that stands for exclusivity and quality par excellence.


First Responder Symposium

13th First Responder Symposium Organization of First Responder Systems, Training and Equipment,...


This map can save lives

Anyone who suffers a cardiac arrest needs help - but it usually comes too late. a research team from the...


Swiss Resuscitation Council

resQshock joins the SRC as an associate member.

360 joules

Energy up to 360 joules for difficult-to-defibrillate patients

Increase defibrillation success with escalating energy levels. Failure of low energy shocks can...


New version of the rescue chain

Since 1970, some key areas in emergency services have evolved in terms of complexity and specialization....

hpcpr cardiac massage

Cardiac massage

High-quality chest compressions allow small but crucial blood flow to the brain and...


World restart a heart day

Everyone in the world can save a life - help spread this important message.


After the second surge her heart starts beating again

7-year-old child survives sudden circulatory arrest thanks to early defibrillation and...


Like a fire extinguisher

Just as the fire extinguisher is used in the event of a fire, a defibrillator must be used in the event of a cardiac emergency in...


Defibrillators everywhere

Italy: Bill "Defibrillatori ovunque" (Defibrillators everywhere) awaits adoption by...

defibrillator coronavirus

Covid-19 attacks not only the lungs, but also the heart!

So far, the main focus of Covid-19 has been respiratory and pulmonary symptoms, but the coronavirus...


Back to life

She's been his hero for a long time, his wife Jaqueline. They seem to genuinely love each other and already share...

defibrillator communities

Defibrillator for communities

In Ticino, there is a defibrillator for just under 300 inhabitants in the event of an emergency. This figure from the end of...


Property damage and theft insurance for defibrillators

The shock runs deep when you run to the defibrillator and find that someone's device has...


National Survival Strategy for Circulatory Arrest

Every year, around 8500 people in Switzerland suffer a sudden circulatory arrest. That is about...


Defibrillators at events

What if a heart doesn't collapse out of love and it gets out of sync in the middle of a party or festival....

chest compressions-rescues-colleagues-from-sudden-cardiac-death

Cardiac massage saves colleagues from sudden cardiac death

On his second day at work at the University of Bern, a colleague lies motionless on the floor. Damian...

defibrillator fitness

Defibrillator in the Fitness

QualiCert and FitSafe - for highest safety during training


Heartbeat Campaign

"Our heart beats for your health" What does your heart beat for? Besides the love and passion in...

air pollution

Air pollution triggers cardiac arrests

Air pollution triggers more than 100 cardiac arrests a year in England, research shows.


A defibrillator goes on a world tour

The tents here in Switzerland have been broken down to go new ways in the wide big world: Tanja and...


First Responder Canton Solothurn

In the last 10 years, first responders have become established in Switzerland and in many countries in Europe...



The operation of a defibrillator (AED) is very easy. Switch on the device and you will be guided through clear...


The best selling is not always the best

The ZOLL AED 3 is the best-selling defibrillator in 2019 in Switzerland. Whether this device is really the...


Suva defibrillator

Recommendations for the use of defibrillators (AED)


Defibrillator free of charge

Advertising firm pockets sponsorship money. It's a nasty sponsorship scam.


cardiac arrest during sports

The sudden and unexpected collapse of a competitor on the athletic field is likely cardiac....


First Responder Central Switzerland

In the canton of Lucerne, around 400 people suffer a cardiovascular arrest every year.

defibrillator location

Defibrillator location

In Ticino, one defibrillator is available to the population for every 295 inhabitants - as of December 2018,...


Swiss Heart Foundation promotes AEDs

With a small device that works at the touch of a button, people in cardiovascular arrest can...


Buy defibrillator

Are you looking for a defibrillator for your company, your community, for a first responder organization or...


Can ribs break during resuscitation?

Again and again there is talk about the fact that ribs can easily break during resuscitation measures. In the...


Paramedics - there for you 24 hours a day

Emergency medical call centres 144 are available around the clock 24 hours a day - for all medical emergencies


Defibrillator for companies

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) prescribes the following in its guidance on Ordinance 3 to the Labour Code:



Echo112 is a free, life-saving smartphone app that relays your location to local emergency...

cpr detail page

What moves resQshock

Cardiac arrest is one of the most common causes of death. One person dies every hour of every day in Switzerland....


Defibrillator Expiration Date

The durability of the defi electrodes varies depending on the brand and type and can range from 12 to 60...

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Swiss Samaritan Federation with resQshock

Swiss Samaritan Federation and resQshock agree on business partnership


Semi-automatic or fully automatic?

Semi-automatic or fully automatic defibrillators (AED) are available on the market today. Which type of...


Hop Schwyz

On Wednesday, 24 June 2020, the "Hopp Schwyz" impulse programme will be launched in the canton of Schwyz. Through a variety of...


Transdermal patches

Transdermal patches containing the active ingredient sometimes have a metal framework (aluminium) which...


In case of emergency 144

When minutes and seconds count between being and not being - April 14 is every year rightly...


AED Sale in CH

Are you looking for a Swiss specialist dealer for<strong>automated external</strong>...

defibrillator resqshock resuscitation

Circulatory arrest

No event is as close to the threshold between life and death as a circulatory arrest. From now on...

chain of survival

The chain of survival

Realistic chances of successful resuscitation are only given if the first three limbs...

heart attack

Heart attack

If a coronary vessel almost or completely closes, the blood supply to the heart muscle is severely disrupted....


first responder

First responders - that is, the "first responders" - are trained first responders who respond to a sudden...


Defibrillator for children

Except for children with heart disease, defibrillable arrhythmia is rare in children.


Defibrillator Abbreviation

The <strong>abbreviation AED</strong> stands for "Automated...

nohe resQshock defibrillator AED

Together for more security: nohe and resQshock make a strong case for emergency aid

Our heart beats for saving lives. As passionate emergency responders, we are all the more pleased to...


Only a functioning defibrillator saves lives

The defibrillator is an indispensable part of first aid. The operation of a defibrillator is...


The life-saving electric shock

Join in! Together against sudden cardiovascular arrest.


GRYPS Defibrillator

Find the right defibrillator quickly and easily

sapros defibrillator

Sapros defibrillator

Sapros - The online marketplace for security products


CarWash defibrillator

Froschkönig car wash equipped with defibrillator


Defibrillator mandatory

Even if there is still no obligation from the legislator to provide Automated External...

Service Defibrillator resQshock

Are defibrillators from ZOLL really maintenance-free?

There are vendors on the market who make it palatable to the customer that ZOLL AED / defibrillators are not...


Public defibrillators

Locations of the automated external defibrillators (AED)


Private provide "defis" for all

As property owners, the brothers Bruno and Rolf Hegner had defibrillators installed at two...


How does a defibrillator work?

It's a nightmare situation: there's an unconscious person lying in front of us and their heart isn't beating. The...


Protective cold

Why is cooling so important after a cardiac arrest?


Selecta machines with defibrillator save lives

Selecta expands the range of functions of their popular vending machines. In addition to the catering offer for the...


Do something wrong

As a layperson, can I do anything wrong with people in cardiac arrest?<br/>


Defibrillator for day care center

Many dangers lurk in daily contact with small children. At home, in the nursery, in kindergarten or...


Defibrillator wet ground

During defibrillation, high energy is delivered. This can also be dangerous for the rescuer if he...


Car defibrillator

Cardiac arrest can strike anyone, at any time, without warning. This ends fatally without rapid help....


Defibrillator for home

Did you know that about 80% of cardiac arrests occur at home?


Defibrillator beeps

The defibrillator (AED) is beeping or the LED power indicator is on/not responding?


Defibrillator Electrode Position

The two adhesive electrodes, also called defibrillation electrodes or pads, are used on adolescents and...

defibrillator deployment

Defibrillator use

Each time your defibrillator/AED has been used, the electrodes/pads used must be replaced....


Defibrillator with pacemaker and ICD

Placement of AED electrodes directly over an implanted medical device can reduce the effectiveness...

defibrillator regulation

Defibrillator regulation

Every year in Switzerland, more than 8,000 people die outside hospitals as a result of sudden...


Defibrillator Ampere

Defibrillator current pulses vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.


Defibrillator Volt

An AED delivers a 1000- to 2000-volt charge in less than 0.001 seconds. That's enough current to power a...


Defibrillator Joule

Defibrillator current pulses vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. As an average...


Defibrillator in pregnant women

Although cardiovascular arrest is rare in pregnant women, it can be fatal to both mother and child....


Defibrillator buy used

You are looking for a second-hand defibrillator for your company, your municipality, for a first responder organisation...


Defibrillator near

In Ticino, the population has one defibrillator per 295 inhabitants (as of 2018). Ticino...

defibrillator clubs

Defibrillator for clubs

Buying a defibrillator for your club - does it really make sense? If you are asking yourself this question,...


Of heroes and real heroes

Who among you was always the first to answer the teacher? Sometimes with a snap of the fingers so that he...


Defibrillator on board?

In public spaces, many cities and businesses have defibrillators for the life-saving jolt of electricity....

ZOLL AED 3 defibrillator no evidence for AEDs with real-time CPR feedback

No evidence for AED with real-time CPR feedback

The use of AEDs with a CPR feedback function is still not recommended for laypersons.


1 4 4 - L'appel

Il est toujours difficile de travailler entre la vie et la mort. Rester en sécurité afin de pouvoir secourir...

resqshock valentine's day

Every day your heart

Should the annual February 14 celebration of the many hearts so happily joined be too commercial for you....

ambulance changing room

144 - En cas d'urgence

Dans tout le pays le 14 avril est dédié au numéro d'urgence 144, au sauvetage, et aux secouristes...


Please board

A heart's journey goes on for a lifetime. Like a taxi rolls and rolls. Inside, sitting vicariously...


Hearty from the pen

Everything that comes out of the pen here concerns the heart. For better or for worse, from a professional and...


The Heart Journey

A taxi driver in the role of a heart rescuer seems romantic to adventurous. He chauffeurs his guests,...


What a question!

Should I reanimate? Animate? Act and react? Love and live? Give and take? Shall I do the...


With children's eyes and Dorit & Doris

If we are guided by reason and clearly know with a glance at the calendar that it is still deep winter,...


1 4 4 - they said

To always work hard between life and death. To be dear to his own safety at accident scenes, to...

ventricular fibrillation


Do you know this, the standstill in everyday life? Not life-threatening, but debilitating because nothing works anymore? Most of the time...


You bet!

Employees are protected throughout the country by the Labour Code and are hired less than elsewhere in the...


Taxi Driver

If any layperson can provide emergency assistance in the first three life-saving stages, your counterpart can....


Automatically more favorite time

Are you still riding a bike that only has three gears? Or are you on a...


A plaster for everything

In the past, there were consolation plasters in the form of a Goggifrosch or a 10erMocken. Today, the plasters wear almost...

chalk floor

Stuffed Inside

Searched for the word infarct and flew through it quite quickly in shock, as a scribbler without...