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70 defibrillators from resQshock

70 resQshock defibrillators provide first aid throughout the country

The First Responders Obersimmental-Saanenland have been commissioned to establish a nationwide network of...


Over 56 defibrillators for the Basel-Landschaft police force

resQshock supplies defibrillators for the vehicles of the Basel-Landschaft police force

city of zurich department of social affairs

Defibrillators for the city of Zurich

The contact and drop-in centres (K&A) offer people who use drugs low-threshold access to...


93 defibrillators for the city of Bern

The Directorate of Finance, Human Resources and IT of the City of Bern grants resQshock GmbH the...


13 lifesavers installed in Horw

In Horw, a resQshock defibrillator was installed at 13 locations. The life-saving devices are...


27 defibrillators for the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich

We would like to thank the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich for the trust they have placed in us. Our mission:...


Over 1100 defibrillators in Ticino Thanks to the Fondazione Ticino Cuore

To date, the overall survival rate in Ticino is about 14%, but for ventricular fibrillation it is an astonishing...


30 taxis equipped with defibrillators

In the event of circulatory arrest, it has to happen quickly: The chance of survival decreases with every minute. Thanks to...


10 defibrillators for the municipality of Malters

10 defibrillators for the municipality of Malters


13 new defibrillators for the city of Kloten

The Executive Board approves the purchase of 13 new AED devices from the company resQshock.


Defibrillators for the common good

In Ticino, there is a defibrillator for just under 300 inhabitants in the event of an emergency. This figure from the end of...


110 defibrillators for the cantonal police of Bern

The 110 defibrillators were installed at police stations and other properties throughout the canton...


Comprehensive defibrillator network in the canton of Schwyz

"A franc for the heart" - the management of the rescue service of Lachen Hospital makes the start and presents...

evz defibrillator

Defibrillator for the EVZ

The Zug Ice Sports Club relies on resQshock defibrillators



Association concludes exclusive partnership with resQshock.


8 defibrillators for the municipality of Altendorf

8 resQshock defibrillators are now in use in the municipality of Altendorf.


SIRMED official Partner of resQshock

Swiss Institute for Rescue Medicine - learning to save lives


10 defibrillators for the municipality of Walchwil

In the municipality of Walchwil, a total of 10 defibrillators from resQshock...


Automatic External Defibrillator in Reichenburg

New publicly accessible AED (Automated External Defibrillator) from resQshock in Reichenburg. And...

amateur defibrillators-schubelbach

Defibrillators in Schübelbach

A cardiac emergency on everyone! On the initiative of the Schübelbach residents' association, the trade and in close...


Defibrillator at Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company

Another resQshock defibrillator was installed this morning at the Swiss Mobiliar...


Defibrillators for the municipality of Schwerzenbach

In the municipality of Schwerzenbach, a total of five defibrillators are installed throughout the municipal area.


Heart safe city of Thun

The City of Thun, the Union, Swiss Philanthropic Society (Thun District), and the Association...